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  1. Movie Monday: One Giant Leap

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    October 14, 2012 by Ish

    65 years ago, Chuck Yeager and the Glamorous Glennis shattered the sound barrier. Earlier today, some 23 miles in the …
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  2. Neil Armstrong


    August 25, 2012 by Ish

    Neil Armstrong, has died. The astronaut who became first to walk on the moon as commander of Apollo 11, has …
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  3. Movie Monday: NASA and We Know It

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    August 20, 2012 by Ish

    I don’t know that they’re any better than SpaceX, but its nice to know they can drop phat beats and …
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  4. You Didn’t Build That… But, You’ll Build The Next One.


    August 7, 2012 by Ish

    The JPL-NASA robot explorer named Curiosity, a one-ton obedient rover roughly the size of a VW Beetle, touched down on …
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