The Big List of Racism


If you can think of any examples that we do not have listed here, please feel free to send us the link.

Racist Words and Phrases

Racist Things

Racist Actions and Opinions

Things That Would Be Racist If Said Or Done By A Non-Liberal

13 thoughts on “The Big List of Racism

  1. Matt says:

    racist words according to Jonathon Capehart who was sitting in for Martin Bashir (and no, I don’t watch that show … my brain would implode after 30 seconds of those moron … saw it on a Steven Kruiser video on Youtube)

    exotic… foreign… Indonesia… Hawaii

  2. Matt says:

    Whoa ! that isn’t right ! you tube is screwing with me I guess.

    Do a search on you tube for Kruiser Control 100th episode… The segment I mentioned starts at 00:54.

    I’ll try posting the link again –

    • Julia says:

      Perfect, thanks! That is pretty epic.

      • Matt says:

        Yeah, I thought so too. Sad thing is, though, that pinheads like Capehart have put me at a point where I don’t really give a flying f**k if i get called racist anymore because the word just doesn’t mean anything … Guess the left never read “the boy who cried wolf”.

      • Julia says:

        Exactly…when I hear “racist!’ all it tells me is that person has no substantive argument.

  3. Dave says:

    I can’t remember the specifics but black “leaders” had their knickers in a twist a few years ago because someone (correctly) used the word “niggardly”.

    • Ish says:

      There have been many brouhahas over the word niggardly over the years, enough that there is actually a Wikipedia entry entitled Controversies About the Word “Niggardly”. For added fun, take a look at the “Talk” page, where some Wiki Editors are actually arguing that even though niggardly is not a race-based term, has a wholly different root, and was used correctly in these controversies, that the word “niggardy” should still be considered racist because it makes people feel bad.

      I think I’ll sit in a chair with a black and tan, light up a fag, and try to stay cool. But that might make me seem aloof

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