1. A Discrimination Manifesto


    February 16, 2014 by Julia

    I wrote the following back in September, but I never got around to finishing and posting it.  I think this …
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  2. The entire point of school

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    February 9, 2014 by Julia

    I was always the kind of kid who liked school.  I liked learning new things, and I still do–I go …
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  3. Ew, conservatives in my anime!


    January 24, 2014 by Julia

    Things may be changing soon that may allow me to post more.  Keep your fingers crossed… Anyway, this week’s Answerman …
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  4. Muslim superheroines?

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    November 5, 2013 by Julia

    Marvel is apparently “bringing back” Ms. Marvel (the new character looks up to Carol Danvers and borrowed the name) as …
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  5. Avoiding bizarre tactics, or, let’s not scare away our new friends

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    November 4, 2013 by Julia

    I have a tag called Bizarre Tactics, for posts that discuss the bizarre ways the Left chooses to promote its …
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  6. They ruin everything


    October 19, 2013 by Julia

    I’ll admit, I’ve been much too distracted with real-life frustrations to get too frustrated about politics.  I kind of enjoyed …
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  7. Tales from Liberal-land: greedy pork-rind eaters


    September 22, 2013 by Julia

    HuffPo posted this op-ed from a veteran who is on food stamps.  While Mr. Kirell deserves all of our respect …
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