DNC goes full Godwin


September 5, 2012 by Julia

You’re probably familiar with Godwin’s Law:  the longer an online conversation continues, the more likely someone is to bring up Hitler or Nazis.  Along with the equally useful reductio ad Hitlerum, Godwin’s Law is not confined to the Internet–indeed, the DNC has been working over time to reduce everything to Nazis this week, indicating that perhaps the argument is over and Republicans win (note the corollary to Godwin’s Law:  “once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress”).

On Saturday, the chairman of the California Democrat delegation compared Paul Ryan to Joseph Goebbels for “lying” (extra funny when you consider that conservatives can point out how often Barack Obama and his surrogates tell outright, demonstrable lies without resorting to “ZOMGHitler!”).  A Kansas delegate thinks Paul Ryan is like Hitler for the same reason.  And now, the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party said that Gov. Nikki Haley is like Eva Braun because she has been giving news briefings from a studio in the basement of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  Accusing your opponents of “the big lie” is not new, but I’ve NEVER heard someone say that news briefings from a basement are the same as committing suicide with your lover in a bunker before.  Was he suggesting that the GOP is Hitler and Gov. Haley is its lover, about to commit political suicide together when they lose the 2012 election?  Or was Eva Braun merely the first woman he could think of who is known for being underground once?  I don’t get it–am I missing something here?

At any rate, the first person to bring up Hitler loses.  Therefore, the Republicans win the election.  Congratulations, President Romney!


3 thoughts on “DNC goes full Godwin

  1. Ish says:

    Braun sounds like “brown,” this is a dog-whistle to remind the racist Republican base that Gov. Haley is a Sikh Indian-American… or, it would be if party affiliations were reversed.

  2. […] Again with the Nazis, right?  Sen. Sherrod Brown has accused his (Jewish) Republican opponent, Josh Mandel, of being “the candidate of the big lie.”  These people seem obsessed with Nazis for some reason . . . […]

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